Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Before Freshman Math

"Before Freshman Math"
by Yossi Halpernin

Mandy opens my door and walks in she comes over to me and wraps her self around me (and) we start to kiss. She removes my shirt and then my pants. She starts to remove her shirt. Then

“Jeremy up”
“Jeremy get up”

My eye opens and peeks through my covers to see my mom peering through the door.

“Up mom”

She shuts the door.

I lie back and realize it’s wet and sticky between my legs. I smile because I know it’s because of Mandy.

The door opens my eyes peer out from the covers once more.

“Up now Jeremy”
“You have school”
“I’m not saying it again”

“I’m up mom”

She closes the door.

I lie back try to sleep try to dream try to think of Mandy.

I cup my fingers around my boxers. I relax and let a little piss out. It’s warm and makes me warm.

The door opens and my mom comes running in.

“Jeremy up and dressed”
“You have school”

She comes over and grabs the covers and begins to pull them off me. I grab the covers, drop to the floor, and wrap them around me.

“I’m up mom”
“Get out”

“Get dressed in 5 minutes”
“Or I’m dressing you”

I remain there on the floor wrapped in blankets.

It’s 7:00 now. It will be 2:00 until I see her. That’s 7 hours. Can I manage I can manage I can live.

I jump up and throw the covers back on my bed. The door opens and I quickly turn around and pull up my boxers.

“I’m up mom”
“I’m getting dressed”
“Get out”

“Turn around Jeremy”

I take a step back and grab a pair of pants from the floor and step into them.

“Turn around”

I begin to turn around as I pull my pants up. She looks at me stares at me.

“Don’t be rude to me young man”
“Let’s try that again”

“Mom can you please leave”
“So I can have some privacy as I get dressed”
“Thank you”

My mom leaves. I sit on my bed and look at the different shirts that litter my floor. I grab the nearest one and put it on.

Mandy walks in. She slowly removes her clothes.

Something bangs on the door it opens and a head sticks in.

“good your dressed now get to school”

I fix my pants and get my bookbag out. I throw my notebook in find my homework and throw that in along with some random papers. I then look under my bed and grab the spray paint. I walk into the bathroom and finish pissing and leave the house.

I jump on my board crank up the music skate off to school. I enter my school find my homeroom and fall asleep.