Thursday, March 1, 2007


by Janis Out

I can't believe I started one of these. God, my mother had one of these. But I feel like I need some new way to vent. EVERYONE has dire on uCap. And uCaps are so expensive, and my parents say they can't afford one. That bugs me. They only cost, what, $6999.99/month. But anyway. I'm sort of okay with this. It's retro.

Speaking of retro, tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of 21st Century Breakdown and there's this HUGE thing streaming online and Dad said I HAD to watch. He actually found a CD player in the attic and has been playing his old CDs of... whatever that band is called. He's... like... obsessed.

TO be honest, though, I'm actually excited. I've never been logged into a StreamConcert before. Most of them only screen through uCap, and, again...

God, how did people live like this? The typing is KILLING my hand, and I actually make SPELLING MISTAKES, which I then have to DELETE. How tragic.

Maybe I should ask Sev for typing lessons. He's my best friend and vintage is really his thing. He has this thing called a cassette player and it's from... like... before our parents were born.

Speaking of Sev, yesterday, we were out on our run, and he turned to me and asked, "Janis, what do you think would happen if I cut off the power to our complex?" I looked at him like he was crazy!

"Nobody'd even flinch," I snapped. "Until the laptop batteries ran out."

So he said, "Well, what about... like... people who get locked outside their condos? No power, no door-opening."

So I puffed my cheeks at him and ran off. He HATES when I do that. He says if I were in his family, they'd uninstall my net. God, torture!

Anyway, in my History of Film class, we watched this thing called Star Wars and I'm going to get it for Sev. It might be older than my Gran, but the FX are amazing.

Have to go. Mandatory morning hour-run in a few minutes!

Janis Out